Sydney is one of the most interesting places to live and visit. As a fact from sources and surveys, more than half of 2.8 million international visitors of Australia visit the place. It is filled with many exciting places to visit, exciting activities to do, and prominent entertainments that would certainly refresh you.

Sydney seems to be a paradise filled with lots of natural gardens and parks, beaches and landscapes to see.  It has a natural setting settled on new world. There are so many fantastic buildings filled with refreshment for everyone. Theatres and cinemas are among the options. If you love entertainments Sydney is also a best place to visit.

Another famous place to visit is the Sydney Opera House. It is the home to Sydney Symphony and Opera Australia. As a fact, it has already staged more than 100,000 performances and receives over 100 millions of visitors since it opened. Other venues to visit are the City Hall Recital and Town Hall.