Car Insurance Pricing: Things You Need To Know

You may be surprised with the amount of insurance plan you have gotten.   Take note that the amount that you will pay for car insurance varies because of different factors.  Before you enrol to any car insurance plan, make sure that you know some of the things about car insurance pricing.  The factors may vary as companies do not share the same parameters. 

The kind of car you are driving

Luxurious cars undoubtedly have steeper price of car insurance.  That would only mean that car insurance pricing varies in terms of the cost of car that you are driving.  I usually, you will declare the amount of car to the insurance company you are applying. Of course, you cannot lie with the amount as they are familiar with the costs of cars from cheaper to luxurious ones. If you are more curious about car insurance pricing then you can learn more about it on ftini-asfaleia-autokinitou.


This might be a bit bias, but yes, most women have fewer accidents compared to men. Women actually often pay less than men.


“Mature’ drivers are reportedly to have fewer accidents than younger ones.  If the driver is less than 25 years old, the more they are reportedly to be involved in accidents.

Driving Record

Get this:  the better your record, the lower your premium.  Yes.  Car insurance company will conduct assessment on your background as driver.  If you have records on accidents or even traffic violations, this will increase your premium.  And if you have no track record in driving because you are a new driver, you will also pay more on your premium.

Mileage of car

How much have you used your car? This refers to the mileage.  The more miles you drive, the more chance for accidents.  If you drive every day like going to work or you drive  for your business, you are likely to pay more than those who just drive occasionally.

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