Bucephalandra is one of the most beautiful types of aquarium plant, and it is so easy to take care of it as well. It is something that you can easily find in streams around Borneo, and it is easily grown there as well. It can grow out of the water and in the water at the same time, so it is really a plant for both rainy and dry seasons. There are a lot of different varieties and species of the plan, so if you plan on finding a specific one, then research is the key. If you ever feel like you need to get to know things as they are properly, then you might as well make sure that you are going to get everything you need at the same time. Well, if you want to know more about it, here are some of the information that you might find useful when it comes down to it as well. Source for more about Bucephalandra.


The plan grows from about two to around four inches in terms of its height but can grow taller if it is grown while being immersed in water at the same time. Its leaves are normally half to four inches in terms of length and what makes it a good thing to try out is that it can easily attach to anywhere you want it to be at the same time. It is something that you might want to check out on when it comes down to it as well. You might want to try it out and just see for yourself if it is the one for you too.


In terms of its appearance, the ones seen on the market are normally those that come in with those oval-shaped type of leaves that has quite a wavy-edge as well. But there are a lot of different varieties of it too such as the smaller ones that are skinnier, straight edge and more. The colors would vary from dark green to light green and more. Sometimes, they even come in reds, blues as well as purples that are mixed in with the green. The leaves are quite known because they have that iridescent type of sheen with the small white type of dots. It can produce a flower that usually comes in white or pink colors though the flowers do not usually survive if it is grown underwater.

Growth pattern

As for the growth pattern of the plant, this would depend mostly on the variety you have. It can be a creep that grows laterally or something that might grow in a mat or the like. It can also grow upright as well. This is a matter of figuring out things like the proper placement of the plan so that it follows the sun and the like. It is mostly up to the one that takes care of it that will determine what is going to be the fate of it when it comes down to it as well. It is a matter of figuring out what works best.

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