The playlist is one of the most powerful media in music. There are streaming music companies that spend millions of money in developing the perfect algorithms and hiring curators to create them. Millions of people each day are using it to stream music. There is a platform that will let you upload your own music. When you upload your music and gain followers, it is easy for you to be known by people.

Music in Spotify is submitted by either a record label or distributor. If you are in any record label, it is more likely easy for your music to get into Spotify. If you are independent, you have to arrange it to distribution yourself.

You can earn money with your music on Spotify. There are companies that specialized in handling the licensing and distribution of your music to Spotify. They will be the one to submit music to Spotify playlist and you will get paid according to on how many streams your music will get. Get more Interesting details about spotify playlist promotion on

                Here are some notes if you want to submit music for consideration:

  • Your music must be unreleased in any platform out there.
  • Choose a distributor that will let you pick a release date for your music.
  • Do it ahead of time in order for Spotify to submit it to their editors.
  • Choose distributors that have a good reputation.
  • Distributors that more likely used by the famous artist nowadays will be a good thing to consider when choosing.
  • Read about the rules in submitting your music to Spotify so you can familiarize yourself with the things that you need to understand.
  • Choose the one who gives great service and will let an independent artists go to the top even though there are a lot of major labels out there.
  • Get the one who can manage to get you a hundred of thousands of streams.
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